St. Mary History

St. Mary’s started as a country church 3.5 miles east of Farmersville. It was named St. Isidore after the patron saint of farmers. The building was completed in 1876.

Father Joseph O’Rourke came to St. Isidore and in 1902 established St. Mary church at its present site in Farmersville. A rectory was acquired next to the church. In 1921 a school was established, it was named St. Isidore and educated children until 2009 when it closed. A new St. Mary church was built next to the old church and was dedicated in 1980. At the same time, a new rectory was also built, and both the old church and rectory were torn down.

St Martin cemetery was established in 1884. Rev. Msgr. Timothy Maloney, pastor of St. Mary from 1935 to 1967, was buried at St. Martin’s in 1970.

Our parish is proud that 34 nuns and 2 priests originated from the Farmersville area. A plaque and picture are on display in the entryway of the church.